Beyond the Binary: Toward the Paraconsistencies of Russian Communication Modes

Igor E. Klyukanov, Galina Sinekopova


Russian communication is often viewed as inherently mysterious or even mystical. The present article is aimed at the exposition of this view and shows how Russian communication modes can be conceptualized as a constant search for their own logical and practical grounding: This search goes beyond the binary model and focuses on the contingent nature of communication. To that end, we first present a short overview of the concepts of analog and digital. Then, the analog roots of Russian culture are discussed, followed by an examination of the role of the digital in today’s Russia. It is argued that the dynamic of the analog and the digital leads to a third ground, which is conceptualized by using the ideas of paraconsistent logic developed by Nikolai Vasil’ev. Finally, this third ground is identified with the public sphere and is presented as interaction between the state and individuals; electronic communication exemplars are given.


digital, analog, Russia, identity, paraconsistent logic, public sphere

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