Vegans For Vick: Dogfighting, Social Controversy and the Limits of Mainstream Discourse

Garrett M. Broad


Once one of the most popular players in the National Football League (NFL), Michael Vick’s success came to an abrupt end in 2007 when he was convicted of a federal felony for his involvement in an illegal dogfighting ring. After serving 19 months in prison, Vick returned to the NFL as a starting quarterback and has since become a leading campaigner for antidogfighting efforts. This article analyzes the social controversy surrounding Vick through intersectional antispeciesist and antiracist perspectives. First, the work uncovers this intersectional perspective from within the broader vegan activist community. It demonstrates that such an approach has been largely absent from popular media discussions of the case. The work argues that much of this silence can be attributed to the absence of intersectional politics at the heart of several key organizations that have helped to shape the ethical debate around the Vick saga.

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