Broadband Adoption| Measuring Sustainable Broadband Adoption: An Innovative Approach to Understanding Broadband Adoption and Use

Robert LaRose, Kurt DeMaagd, Han Ei Chew, Hsin-yi Sandy Tsai, Charles Steinfield, Steven S. Wildman, Johannes M. Bauer


Efforts to promote sustainable broadband Internet adoption urge new attention to the classic diffusion of innovations paradigm. For this study, innovation attributes were reconceptualized following Social Cognitive Theory (SCT). In a sample of inner-city residents, the model accounted for 36% of the variance in intentions to adopt broadband technology and services, primarily from the SCT variables of expected outcomes and self-efficacy. Prior habitual use of the Internet was also a predictor. Price sensitivity was unrelated to adoption. Among demographic variables, only age had a significant (negative) relationship to broadband adoption after accounting for the SCT variables. Recommendations for the design and monitoring of sustainable broadband adoption interventions are made based on these findings.

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