[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Measuring the Network - Service Level Agreements, Service Level Monitoring, Network Architecture and Network Neutrality

Doug Sicker, Dirk Grunwald


In this paper, we argue that the network neutrality debate hinges on issues that go beyond whether a carrier is unfairly discriminating in their treatment of packets across their network. We consider four issues central to this bigger discussion concerning network neutrality. First, we discuss the implications of oversubscription on the access networks. Next, we describe the lack of service level agreements for end users and the coincident inability for users to monitor the quality of the network. Lastly, we consider the evolving architecture of the access networks and what the current design, dominated by asymmetric uplink and downlink characteristics means for future services on the Internet.

Index Terms—SLA, Network Neutrality, Oversubscription, Network Architecture

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