Media Genealogy| Cinema/Cybernetics/Visuality: A Conversation with Orit Halpern

Eddie Lohmeyer, Orit Halpern


In this interview between Orit Halpern, associate professor of anthropology, sociology, and interactive design at Concordia University, and Eddie Lohmeyer, PhD student in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Program at North Carolina State University, Professor Halpern discusses the challenges of writing a history of big data and interactivity and the possibilities that such a history might provide for advancing media criticism and practice. Particularly vital to the conversation was a discussion of method, the relationship between design, art, and scholarly practice in the humanities, and the challenges to rethinking, reworking, and revising older theoretical discussions concerning cybernetics, cinema, and biopolitics.


cybernetics, media history, visuality, cinema

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