Translations| Book Review| Tytti Suojanen, Kaisa Koskinen & Tiina Tuominen, User-Centered Translation (Translation Practices Explained)

Nike K. Pokorn


It is rare to see a proposal for a new approach to translation research and practice; it is even rarer for this to happen in a course book. However, this is the case for User-Centered Translation, a systematic and well-written book adapted and extended from the Finnish book Käyttäjäkeskeinen kääntäminen published by the University of Tampere in 2012. The title of the book presents in condensed form the authors’ aim: a wish to emphasize that the users or readers of translations should be given the central role in the translation process. Authors Tytti Suojanen, Kaisa Koskinen, and Tiina Tuominen argue that although the awareness of the importance of target readers is not new in translation practice and research, an explicit focus on the fact that users of translations should be taken into account already within the translation process tends to be implicit in translation practice and undertheorized in translation studies (TS) research.


translation studies

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