E-Democracy and Collaborative Lawmaking: The Discussion of the Political Reform in Brazil

Patricia Gonçalves da Conceição Rossini, Vanessa Veiga de Oliveira


Democratic governments are increasingly adopting the Internet to foster political participation. With a varied array of e-consultation, e-deliberation, and e-participation initiatives, the Internet provides opportunities for citizens to engage with political institutions in several ways. This article contributes to this literature by analyzing a Brazilian case, the House of Representatives’ Portal E-Democracia—an initiative that promotes citizen participation in lawmaking issues. We analyze how citizens engaged in the discussions around the political reform agenda, an important issue and a response to social movements and protests in June 2013. We specifically look into the dynamics of interaction and the heterogeneity and civility of these discussions. We also investigate whether participants were interested in providing solutions to the issues at stake.


political participation, e-democracy, online citizenship, political communication, Brazilian politics

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