BRICS| Road to India—A Brazilian Love Story: BRICS, Migration, and Cultural Flows in Brazil’s Caminho das Indias

Swapnil Rai, Joseph Straubhaar


The Brazilian telenovela Caminho das Índias or India, a Love Story garnered more than 40 million viewers in Brazil and went on to win an international Emmy for best telenovela. Set in India and Brazil, Caminho das Índias highlights the challenges to established traditional values such as caste, lifestyles, and norms in emerging economies because of global migration. Through a textual and discursive analysis of the novella, this article hones in on the global migrations among the emerging economies India and Brazil to study the changes migrations bring about in terms of the spatial organization of social relations and familial and cultural ties using the concepts of deterritorialization and hybridity. Framing the novella in the context of BRICS, we interrogate the political economy of the text as a notable South­–South international product, one that considerably increased the awareness of one BRICS country in another.


telenovela, BRICS, India, Brazil, migration, media, foreign policy, Global South, information technology outsourcing, identity, deterritorialzation, caste system, hybridity

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