Translations| “The Task of the Translator”: Comparing the Views of the Client and the Translator

Hanna Risku, Christina Pein-Weber, Jelena Milosevic


As a consequence of globalization and corporate restructuring processes, most translators are now freelance and generally work for multiple clients on a project basis.  The often remote and media-based cooperation can at times result in misunderstandings or dissatisfaction, which stem from the different expectations.  This paper examines the expectations such clients and translators have of each other and studies how their differing views shape the cooperation and communication process and, thus, influence the translation process and the translation as a whole.  In a case study, a translator and a client were interviewed regarding a specific translation assignment.  Six differences between the translator’s and the client’s preconceptions and expectations could be identified.


expectations, client–translator relationship, translation process, freelance translation, translation network, translation project management

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