Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water: Using Facebook to Mobilize Solidarity Among East Jerusalem Palestinians During the 2014 War in Gaza

Maya de Vries, Asmahan Simry, Ifat Maoz


This study explores the use of a major Facebook page by East Jerusalem Palestinians during the peak of the war in Gaza for building solidarity with the Gaza people in the asymmetric conflict with Israel. A data set containing 253 posts and 1,149 comments was qualitatively analyzed. Our findings reveal three mechanisms—calling for solidarity, maintaining engagement, and calling for protest—reflecting a configuration in which collective actions were performed through connective discursive practices. We also discuss our study as an account of a bounded protest in which online platforms are limited in their ability to transcend domination and the lack of resources for political mobilization while the offline circumstances of asymmetrical power relations remain unchanged.


social media, Facebook, online political participation, mobilization, protest, asymmetric conflict, Israel, Palestine, East Jerusalem.

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