Latin American Struggles| Student Online Video Activism and the Education Movement in Chile

Patricia Peña, Raúl Rodríguez, Chiara Sáez


In this article, we introduce and analyze two important cases of online video activism led by secondary and undergraduate students during the 2011 education movement in Chile. These video activism projects are analyzed using a methodology that combines interviews with several key informants and a review of their audiovisual production. Using a theoretical-conceptual approach to social appropriation of technologies and video activism, our research aims are to: (1) describe the experiences of online video activism by Chilean young people participating in the movement for a better public education and (2) characterize their appropriation of the audiovisual language within the technology and narrative of the Internet. We conclude that, in the Chilean context analyzed, online video activism takes place in two models according to the combination and use of different video formats.


video activism, Internet, Chile, education, social movement

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