Co-mmodifying the Gay Body: Globalization, the Film Industry and Female Prosumers in the Contemporary Korean Mediascape

Jungmin Kwon


Gay people are now easy to find in Korean popular culture. Although increased representation of the gay body in media is encouraging, the current version of commodification raises questions. Why did Korean mainstream media decide to commodify gay sexuality despite the unfavorable public sentiment toward gay people in Korea? Who does the industry aim to reach, and what are the roles of the target audience in the commodification process of gay bodies? This article points to the liberalization and Hollywoodization of the Korean film industry and its active co-optation of local young female fandom for gay media commodities. Furthermore, it underlines how the commodification of the gay identity in Korean media is an ongoing process and cultural phenomenon in which female fans continue to participate.


commodification, globalization, Korean film, film industry, young women, fanfic

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