Early Birds and Night Owls: Differences in Media Preferences, Usages, and Environments

Galit Nimrod


Morningness-eveningness is an individual difference that explains variations in rhythmic expression of biological and behavioral patterns. Based on an online survey of 1,210 Internet users, this study explores differences between day and night persons in their media preferences, uses, and environments. Findings indicate that morning persons are inclined toward using traditional media in traditional environments, whereas night persons reported significantly higher preference for and use of new media in more varied locations. Results remained significant after controlling for sociodemographics. The findings suggest that night persons, previously described as “socially jet-lagged,” are also “technologically jet-lagged” individuals who tend to be ahead of others in terms of new technologies. This technological jet lag may represent a coping strategy that promotes adjustment to societal clocks.


audience research, chronotype, media habits, morningness, social cognitive theory

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