The 2012 Olympics and Its Legacies: State, Citizen, and Corporate Mobilizations of the Olympic Spirit

James Pamment


The notion of legacy was intrinsic to London’s 2012 bid, drawing upon the Olympic spirit in the form of personal challenges designed to motivate and mobilize individuals and communities in Britain and around the world. However, with the economic crisis and change in government in 2010, a distinct discourse of economic legacy also emerged. This increasingly saw the citizen mobilization associated with the Games in terms of the opportunity to promote the UK as a partner for trade investment. This article explores the state, citizen, and corporate mobilizations motivated by the Olympics. It analyses the structures and discourses supporting a changing conceptualization of legacy, with particular reference to the international communication strategies designed to co-brand national promotion with the Olympic spirit.


Olympics, soft power, public diplomacy, nation brands, national promotion

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