“I Like the Metamorphosis of the Characters”: Dynamics of Transnational Television Comedy Engagement

Sharon Lockyer, Diana Elena Popa


This article contributes to debates on transnational television comedy audiences through analysis of Eastern European audiences’ engagement with British television comedy. Using questionnaire and focus group data, it examines the extent and nature of British television comedy engagement by Romanian audiences and the limits of broadcasting British television comedy to Romanian audiences. The research reveals Romanian audiences’ high involvement with television comedy. More than half of the participants watch British television comedy. Three themes regarding Romanian audiences’ engagement with British television comedy are identified: (1) transnational television comedy aesthetics; (2) transnational television comedy as intellectual comedy; and (3) ethical limits of transnational television comedy. These themes highlight the complex contours of transnational television comedy engagement.


transnational television comedy, Romania, audiences, British television comedy

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