Community Radio, Politics and Immigration in Quebec: The Case of Radio Centre-Ville

Eduardo Gonzalez Castillo


This article addresses community radio in the Canadian province of Quebec. In particular, I reflect on the ways different economic, social, and political processes influence the community action related to this medium. I advocate a flexible, non-reified conception of the community action related to this form of broadcasting and its political dimension. In the case of Quebec, capitalist economics, provincial politics, and immigration appear to be key relevant factors. Community radio in Quebec emerged when Quebec nationalism was at its height. Over time, the political nature of this medium evolved into a less political, more economic profile. However, immigration dynamics also played an important role in this evolution by giving community radio a culturally and politically heterogeneous base. From this perspective, this article focuses on the case of Radio Centre-Ville, a multicultural radio station, to highlight the political implications of these historical processes.


community radio, community action, immigration, neoliberal governance, Quebec

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