A Discussion of Think Tanks in Climate Obstruction in Response to the “Analysis of the Moreno et al. (2022) Publication on EIKE Using Peter Gleick’s Toolbox”

Jose A. Moreno, Mira Kinn, Marta Narberhaus


In January 2022, we published the paper “A Stronghold of Climate Change Denialism in Germany: Case Study of the Output and Press Representation of the Think Tank EIKE.” Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie’s (EIKE’s) spokesperson has produced a rejoinder to our study, based on unfounded accusations through a misinterpretation of Gleick’s toolbox on “Deceitful Tactics and Abuse of the Scientific Process.” Here, we respond to those accusations by reviewing new evidence available on EIKE and provide further clarification of our conclusions based on the response received and the latest literature. We conclude that EIKE constitutes a clear example of an organization that masquerades as a think tank but whose work does not conform to the academic standards characteristic of such entities. Holding a key role in the German climate countermovement, its goal is not to promote scientific integrity, but rather to distort climate debates and obstruct climate action.


climate obstruction, climate inaction, climate denial, climate change, Germany

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