Reporting in the Age of Coronavirus: Alternating Between “Shoe-Leather” and “Slippers” Journalism

Mirjana Pantic


This research used in-depth interviews with international journalists to examine the newsgathering practices they employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Building upon interview data, this study introduces the concept of “slippers” journalism, which accompanies working-from-home practices, suggesting that reporters primarily collected information for their stories online through social media, video apps, and other online sources. These circumstances prompted them to reevaluate the concept of traditional “shoe-leather” practices in newsgathering, emphasizing their relevance in times of crisis. Data suggest that although reporters embraced digital alternatives in acquiring news, they stressed the importance of being on the ground, as it allows them to witness events, verify information, talk with sources, obtain unexpected facts, provide comprehensive coverage of diverse issues, and understand the context of events.


information gathering, newsgathering, reporting, shoe-leather reporting, shoe-leather journalism, slippers journalism

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