Uncovering Protest Paradigm Effect Processes: Representations and Perceptions of Media Protest Coverage Among Greek Youth

Alexandros Vlazakis, Aphrodite Baka


Youth political participation is intertwined with the complex and antagonistic relationship between the media and contentious political stakeholders. The present study focuses on discussions among young Greek people about public protest coverage by the media and their implications for political participation. Five focus groups were organized with the participation of young adults (mean age = 23 years) with various protest experience. Our thematic analysis highlighted 4 themes according to how protest coverage was represented in the focus groups, as (1) causing negative emotions, (2) doubt-triggering (3) a device of ideological support toward the status quo, and (4) a space of information promoting political participation when alternative media are involved. This article analyzes the content of the focus groups and discusses the perceptions of the youth on the role of the media in contentious politics as well as their implication for shaping the involvement of the youth in collective action and political participation.


media, protest paradigm, system justification, political participation

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