Civic Participation in the Datafied Society| Data Citizenship: Data Literacies to Challenge Power Imbalance Between Society and “Big Tech”

Elinor Carmi, Simeon Yates


We argue here that data literacies and capabilities are an integral part of data justice. Based on focus group data collected as part of a 3-year empirical project research project, we find that citizens remain unaware of key aspects of the digital ecosystem, which exacerbate the power imbalance between big technology (data processors) companies and citizens (data subjects). Citizens feel concerned about the way it is operating, they do not feel confident enough to be able to address that. We find that “networks of literacy” among friends, colleagues, and trusted organizations are crucial for citizens’ capabilities. These networks influence citizens’ ability to convert their available means into capabilities to support civic engagement and their communities.




data literacies, data justice, digital inequalities, citizens’ rights, citizens’ capabilities

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