All the News That’s Fit to Push: The New York Times Company and Transmedia Daily News

Kevin Moloney


This feature article identifies three types of transmedia storyworlds—native, emergent, and feral—in the daily journalism work of The New York Times Company (NYT). In doing so, this case study of the NYT reevaluates how a transmedia storyworld is conceptualized, clarifies the relationship between storyworld and reference world in documentary storytelling, and illustrates the evolving transmedia journalism work of this organization. Through analysis of the NYT’s 1619 Project, New York taxi medallion economy, and COVID-19 coverage, the author defines native, emergent, and feral transmedia stories and how they can be understood across media industries.


audience, distribution, journalism, documentary, media, The New York Times, storyworld, transmedia storytelling, media channel, cross-platform, platform neutral

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