Lifestyles, Technology Clustering, and the Adoption of Over-the-top Television and Internet Protocol Television in Taiwan

Shu-Chu Sarrina Li


Adopting Rogers’ diffusion of innovation model, we investigated lifestyles and technology clustering to predict the adoption of OTT (over the top) and IPTV (Internet protocol TV) in Taiwan. We used 2 methods to collect data, 1 of which was to do 20 intensive interviews. The second method was to conduct a nationwide telephone survey that obtained 1,015 valid respondents. The data analysis resulted in three conclusions: (1) lifestyles played a more important role in the adoption of OTT than in the adoption of IPTV; (2) the adopters of OTT differed greatly from those of IPTV in that the characteristics of OTT adopters accorded with the prediction of Rogers’ model, but the characteristics of IPTV adopters diverged greatly from the model’s prediction; and (3) adding the mechanisms of interpersonal communication to entertainment-oriented technologies is the most unique feature of Internet-related media and makes these media fascinating to users.


Rogers’ diffusion of innovation model, OTT, IPTV, lifestyles, technology clustering

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