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Vol 9 (2015)

Table of Contents


Music Aggregators and Intermediation of the Digital Music Market ABSTRACT PDF
Patryk Galuszka 20 pgs.
Protest News Framing Cycle: How The New York Times Covered Occupy Wall Street ABSTRACT PDF
Julian Gottlieb 23 pgs.
Beyond the Public/Commercial Broadcaster Dichotomy: Homogenization and Melodramatization of News Coverage in Chile ABSTRACT PDF
Constanza Mujica, Ingrid Bachmann 21 pgs.
Affording Immediacy in Television News Production: Comparing Adoption Trajectories of Social Media and Satellite Technologies ABSTRACT PDF
Rena Bivens 19 pgs.
Enemies Also Get Their Say: Press Performance During Political Crises ABSTRACT PDF
Meital Balmas, Tamir Sheafer, Gadi Wolfsfeld 21 pgs.
Early Birds and Night Owls: Differences in Media Preferences, Usages, and Environments ABSTRACT PDF
Galit Nimrod 21 pgs.
A Toxic Crisis: Metaphorizing the Financial Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Adina Nerghes, Iina Hellsten, Peter Groenewegen 27 pgs.
A Hush Falls Over the Crowd: Diminished Online Civic Expression Among Young Civic Actors ABSTRACT PDF
Emily C. Weinstein, Margaret Rundle, Carrie James 23 pgs.
External-National TV News Networks’ Way to America: Is the United States Losing the Global “Information War”? ABSTRACT PDF
Shuang Xie, Oliver Boyd-Barrett 18 pgs.
The Prominence of Weak Economies: Factors and Trends in Global News Coverage of Economic Crisis, 2009–2012 ABSTRACT PDF
Menahem Blondheim, Elad Segev, María-Ángeles Cabrera 22 pgs.
Public Opinion, Thinly Sliced and Served Hot ABSTRACT PDF
Gordon R. Mitchell 25 pgs.
Stereotypes of Chinese by American College Students: Media Use and Perceived Realism ABSTRACT PDF
Lingling Zhang 20 pgs.
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Brenton J. Malin, Feeling Mediated: A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America PDF
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Catherine R. Squires, The Post-Racial Mystique: Media and Race in the Twenty-First Century PDF
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