Health Information Orientation, Social Support, and Diabetes Self-Care Behavior Among Indian Adults: The Roles of Education and Self-Efficacy

Yam Limbu, Devon Johnson, C. Jayachandran, Christopher J. McKinley, P. Raghunadha Reddy


This study examines the direct and indirect influences of health information orientation and social support on diabetes self-care behavior through self-efficacy and the moderating role of education on such indirect effects. Data were collected from Indian adults with type 2 diabetes using a self-administered questionnaire. Results suggest that self-efficacy fully mediates the link between health information orientation and diabetes self-care behaviors. In addition, social support is directly related to self-care behaviors and indirectly through self-efficacy. This indirect association was stronger among patients with higher education compared with those with a lower level of education. The results offer several public health education and promotion implications for promoting diabetes self-care behaviors and developing self-care interventions. In particular, the findings provide evidence for explaining the mechanism through which health information orientation and social support influence diabetes self-care activities.


health information orientation, social support, diabetes self-care behaviors, self-efficacy, education

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