Whither Transnationality? Some Theoretical Challenges in Korean Wave Studies

Jaeho Kang


In studies on the Korean Wave, the notion of transnationality has been instrumental in underscoring the hybrid, transgressive, and intersectional character of the Korean Wave. However, its analytical legitimacy has been increasingly questioned, and its application necessitates a more nuanced viewpoint when investigating the global circulation and consumption of the Korean Wave. In this essay, I critically examine the theoretical issues arising from key debates on the transnationality of the Korean Wave in the fields of communications, media, and cultural studies. I attempt to present an analytical framework by reconstructing the issues of transnationality with particular references to trans-urban, trans-local, and trans-media. As a result, I wish to prove the theoretical imperatives of transnational approaches to Korean Wave studies in the post-Hallyu 2.0 era.



Korean Wave studies, Hallyu, media culture, transnationality, globalization, cosmopolitanism, decolonization

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