“She Shoots, He Scores!”: Transgender Disclosure and the Politics of Women’s Ice Hockey

Jackson McLaren


This article examines the news coverage of transgender hockey players Harrison Browne and Jessica Platt. Using textual and discourse analysis, I explore the dominant themes present in this coverage and how they represent both Browne and Platt. A key finding is that the disclosures of Browne and Platt are informed by and inform the gender politics of women’s hockey. I argue that this coverage does not ultimately challenge the problem of gender segregation in sports as both athletes are reinscribed into the gender binary. However, the coverage represents a potential paradigm shift in how to humanize and empower transgender people when our bodies are talked about in public discourse. Exploratory and balanced news coverage offers a much better way forward than demonizing transgender athletes who are just trying to compete.


transgender, athletes, women’s hockey, representation

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