News Frames in the Context of a Substantial Increase in Migration: Differences Between Media Platforms and Immigrants’ Nationality

Andrés Scherman, Nicolle Etchegaray


This research analyzes the main news frames used in coverage of migration in Chile. Over the past two decades, this South American nation has become an important destination for local migration, nearly quadrupling its migrant population. The analysis of a representative sample of news disseminated in 2019 on four different platforms—print media, television, radio, and the Internet (N = 411)—shows that although a negative portrayal of foreign nationals dominates, the most used frames are not related to crime (as reported in recent literature), but to conflict and political discussion. Beyond these general trends, the findings show significant differences between media platforms and various migrant communities. Regarding the diverse migrant communities, essential differences are observed in the favorable treatment of Venezuelans (whose immigration is being driven by political and economic factors) and the negative way in which the media treat other Latin American immigrants.


news framing, frame analysis, immigrants, immigration, media, Chile, content analysis

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