Unbound Journalism: Interloper Media and the Emergence of Fortune-Telling Journalism

Changwook Kim, Wooyeol Shin


This study examines how interloper media are challenging the boundaries of journalism by offering new imaginations of what journalism could be. By conducting a case study of the left-leaning political YouTube channel Rhyu Si-min’s AlliLeo, this study shows how it could create intimate emotional ties between its host/guests and audiences by using unique rhetorical strategies that stress authenticity and sincerity. This study also reveals how the YouTube-based journalistic interloper could successfully position itself within the boundaries of Korean journalism by transforming the traditional norm of journalism as truth-telling and the ideal role of journalists as truth-tellers into uncertainty-resolving and fortune-tellers, respectively. It then critically evaluates the possible social and political implications and the conceivable consequences of this transition for the future of journalism and for society at large.


interloper media, journalistic practice, YouTube, Korean journalism

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