Mass Media and the Attraction of the Arts in Small-Size Global Cities: The (Re)Distribution of Cultural Capital

Christian Lamour, Nathalie Lorentz


Global cities have developed ambitious cultural policies to attract a qualified workforce, expecting a range of artistic amenities addressed to their social class. In parallel, the mass media have always been considered a key intermediary between the producers and consumers of cultural practices. However, what is the link between the use of mass media and the arts-led practices in small-size global cities? Current research based on the Bourdieusian concept of cultural capital shows that both practices are correlated and reveal a cultural distinction of a “two-headed” elite from other social groups. Luxembourg, a small, urbanized country is used as a case study to investigate the cultural distinction of the elites in this type of global city.


mass media, global cities, cultural capital, performing arts, museum, mobility

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