New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries | Employer Femvertising: Women Empowerment in Employer Brand Messages

Lorena Ronda, Garazi Azanza


This article develops for the first time the concept of employer femvertising as a talent attraction tool companies can use to position themselves as employers committed to empowering women. Based on the concepts of employer branding and femvertising, employer femvertising emerges as a set of messages and strategies through which an organization positions itself as an employer that demands and promotes the professional development of women and fights the stereotypes, obstacles, and labor challenges women face in the workplace. A social media content analysis was conducted to explore the messages used in the employer branding campaigns published by four top employer companies on LinkedIn in the first quarter of 2020. The contributions in this article reveal the existence of employer femvertising in employer brand building and identify a taxonomy of 5 categories for this femvertising content: gender equality, female leadership, inclusive recruitment, female talent growth, and work-life balance.


femvertising; employer branding; female talent attraction; women empowerment; female leadership

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