New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries | New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries: Feminism, Gender, Ageism, and New Masculinities in Audiovisual Content – Introduction

Maria Pilar Rodriguez, Miren Gutierrez, Maria J. Pando-Canteli



This Special Section offers an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to studying the new ways in which audiovisual content and advertising communicate gender identities today. This unique section focuses on advertising (i.e., femvertising and menvertising), television series, animation films, and social media platform content (e.g., GIFs) to look at crosscutting issues such as feminism, gender, ageism, and new masculinities. It combines multiple theoretical approaches from feminist studies, discourse analysis, framing theories, algorithm studies, and hegemonic masculinities, among others, to analyze texts, images, discourses, and communicative experiences.



audiovisual, women, femvertising, menvertising, networking platforms

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