Digital Infrastructure, Liminality, and World-Making Via Asia| Resonant Ecologies. Reading Solidarity Transversally in the Mediterranean Sea

Monika Halkort


This article interrogates how digital platforms diffract lines of solidarity in the struggle over migration in the Mediterranean. Building on posthumanist, feminist perspectives and sociological critiques, special attention will be placed on the role of resonance in channeling political affects, tensions, and pressures and its ambivalent and destabilizing effects. Resonance, here, is understood as both a technical and a social effect of infrastructural arrangements that allows for new spaces of maneuverability, but also possible further violence. This inherent instability and ambivalence raise difficult challenges for radical political practice and potentially undermine ethics of solidarity and care. To explicate this point, I draw on observational fieldwork, interviews, and a close reading of the mission reports and public media campaigns, as well as the online communication of civil society rescue missions and the emergency hotline Alarm Phone/WatchTheMed.



transversal solidarity, resonance, irregular migration, Mediterranean Sea, ecology

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