Circulating Mobile Apps in Greater China: Examining the Cross–Regional Degree in App Markets

Chris Chao Su, Xiao Zhang


This article examines the use of mobile apps and the model of cross-regional communication in the app markets of Greater China and explores the influence of policy, capital, and culture on the mobile app consumption. The cross-regional degree (CRD) of mobile apps is used to measure the circulation of apps in different markets and to identify mobile apps and app producers capable of achieving cross-regional commercial success and of gaining market recognition in Greater China. The final samples include 1,124 mobile apps that ranked among the top 500 in at least two markets. The apps were coded according to market platform, firm age, price, producer listing status, producer location, app genre, and CRD. The consumption of apps in these markets is significantly influenced by policies, company capital, and local cultural tastes. Moreover, mainland China is isolated from other Greater China regions in terms of the app market. Compared with app producers in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, app producers in mainland China should consider more marketing strategies targeting audiences in other regions.


mobile app, policy, capital, Greater China, cross-regional degree, regional cultural taste

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