Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Digital Nations and the Future of the Climate Crisis

Alfonso Hegde


This article discusses sociotechnical change through the case of Tuvalu’s Future Now project, a set of initiatives Tuvalu is implementing to digitize their lands and traditions into the metaverse to preserve Tuvaluan culture amid impending climate destruction. In this article, I examine potential challenges Tuvalu faces in navigating this digital future given the social reality of the technology platforms and people Tuvalu would encounter during the transition process in making their digital dreams a reality. I detail challenges related to surveillance, sovereignty, and empathy intended to inform the country of Tuvalu on negotiating with these powerful entities as they embark into uncharted (digital) waters.


metaverse, sociotechnical change, digital sovereignty, surveillance capitalism, digital archives, racial empathy, virtual reality, blockchain, DAOs

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