Researching Social Media and Activism With Children and Youth: A Scoping Review

Annamária Neag, Markéta Supa, Paul Mihailidis


This scoping review explores current research on social media and activism involving children and youth under the age of 18. After analyzing a selection of 34 journal articles published between 2010 and 2021, available in major scholarly databases, this study provides a comprehensive overview of the research topics, participants, methodologies, and the sociocultural and political contexts surrounding this area of study. Most of the articles, published in the Global North, focused on the roles that social media play in inspiring activism among minors, on the online and offline media in children’s civic lives, and on the support and education they receive. However, there was a notable lack of children’s active involvement in the research process and limited inclusion of diverse participants. We contend that future research should prioritize inclusivity, acknowledge children’s diverse identities, and apply participatory methodologies that empower children and youth to share their subjective experiences and unique standpoints.


children, youth, activism, social media, empirical research, review

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