Bibliometric Analysis on the Research Trend of Over the Top Platforms—Focusing on Social Science Research on Netflix From 2001 to 2020

Xiaole Zhu, Yeajin Joo, Yoonjae Nam


This study examined trends in Netflix research in the social sciences over the past two decades through bibliometric analysis. Using the Scopus database, we extracted 269 articles and analyzed the topics that received the most attention in Netflix research through keyword co-occurrence network analysis. The analysis revealed that the most frequently co-occurring keywords were “Netflix,” “television,” “streaming,” “recommendation system,” and “SVOD.” We also identified influential social science journals and research articles related to Netflix. Based on these analyses, this study provides comprehensive insights into the progress and intellectual structure of research on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. We expect that this will enhance our understanding of the overall development of research on OTT platforms and provide useful guidance for future researchers in this field.


OTT, Netflix, bibliometric analysis, keyword co-occurrence network, Scopus

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