Nonlinear Program Repeat-Viewing Patterns and Their Determinants

Yunjin Choi, Bong Gyou Lee


As the use of video-streaming services has become widespread, nonlinear TV viewing has given users a wider choice of video content. However, there is a lack of research on audience behavior related to program selection. This audience duplication research examined nonlinear viewing patterns of programs and analyzed the determinants of repeat viewing by using an integrated framework that considered both structural and individual factors. By analyzing the viewing data of 28,681 individual users who watched 113 programs, the results revealed that 52.9% of viewers in one week followed up with the same program the next week, and 61.4% of viewers of one episode watched the next episode, while the viewing pattern was different for each program type. Furthermore, structural factors showed a significant influence on repeat viewing, but program-type preference (individual factor) showed the largest influence.


repeat viewing, nonlinear TV viewing, media consumption, duality of media, video streaming

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