Binge-Watching Dependence: A Function of Sensation Seeking, Need for Cognition, and Flow

Hongjin Shim, Yoon Hi Sung


This study discusses various definitions and features of the binge-watching phenomenon, with a particular focus on psychological traits, sensation seeking (SSK), and need for cognition (NFC). Specifically, the current study, based on an online survey conducted by an online research company, examined how SSK and NFC were associated with binge-watching dependence and the mediating role of flow. The final analysis included 1,009 respondents who identified themselves as binge-watchers and who had experienced binge-watching. Questionnaires included participants’ psychological traits (SSK, NFC), flow, and binge-watching dependence. Results showed that individuals who ranked higher on SSK and NFC were more likely to become binge-watching dependent. In addition, the relationships between SSK/NFC and binge-watching dependence were found to be mediated by flow. Implications and future research are discussed.


binge-watching, sensation seeking, need for cognition, flow, media dependence

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