Data Privacy Literacy as a Subversive Instrument to Datafication

Velislava Hillman


To learn about the risks from their data privacy loss, children need look no further. Digitalized education has propelled constant data extraction and—hypocritically—a privacy standard that contrasts with data privacy literacy efforts that policy and academics promote. If School allows data extraction from its ubiquitous digitalization, what do children learn about their privacy? Moreover, is edtech’s commercial project for School a form of hidden pedagogy for oppression creating and reinforcing this hypocrisy? These questions emerge as I critically examine data privacy conceptually and observe School’s data privacy practices in contrast with proposals for teaching data privacy literacy. For such teachings to succeed, School must unveil the hypocrisy of data practices that are enabled as every educational process becomes digitalized and, through copartnership with students, commit to recreating privacy preservation independent of corporate influence reality.


data privacy, dataveillance, children, edtech, data privacy literacy

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