Factors Influencing Internet Health Information Seeking In India: An Application of the Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking

Shaohai Jiang, Iccha Basnyat, Piper Liping Liu


With a basis of the comprehensive model of information seeking, a survey study was conducted in India that investigated the relationships among three categories of factors (demographics, health belief, and technology enabler) and three types of Internet health information seeking (IHIS) behaviors (preference for IHIS, diversity of IHIS, and discussing Internet health information with doctors). The results showed that being female was positively associated with preference for IHIS, and being young was associated with greater diversity of IHIS. In addition, three health belief factors (perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, and self-efficacy) had positive and significant relationships with diversity of IHIS. Finally, two technology enabler factors (skill in IHIS and Internet access) were positively associated with three information behaviors. However, the other technology enabler, trust in online health information, was positively related to preference for IHIS, but negatively associated with diversity of IHIS and discussing Internet health information with doctors.


Internet health information seeking, health belief, demographics, technology enabler, India, eHealth

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