Social Media and Work: A Framework of Eight Intersections

Christoffer Bagger


This article presents a review of areas in the existing research where social media and work intersect. After delineating the two terms “social media” and “work,” the article proceeds to outline 8 conceptualizations describing different types of intersection between these two domains: (1) social media before work, (2) social media instead of work, (3) social media for work, (4) social media about work, (5) social media as work, (6) social media under work, (7) work for social media, and (8) social media after work. The article goes on to discuss how these different conceptualizations might give rise to (empirical) differences in how individuals experience social media and work, and how the two themes provide different analytical foci. The article finishes with a conclusion on how research should be sensitized to a world of post-social media work.


social media, work, boundary management, identity work, enterprise social media, literature review

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