Discussing Political Issues in a Private Setting: An Examination of the Diwaniya as a Forum for Political Communication in Kuwait

Uche Onyebadi


This study examined the role of Kuwait’s diwaniya as a public forum in a private setting for political communication and discourse in the country. Its main findings show that political issues dominate the agenda of discussions in the forum. The study also shows that diwaniya attendees use it to communicate, exchange, and gain information and knowledge about political affairs and leadership in their country. Also noteworthy is the finding that a measure of freedom of speech exists in the diwaniya, in spite of the forum being hosted in a political environment where free speech is not encouraged by the monarch, the Amir, and his government. This study relied on the uses and gratification theory in assessing the needs the forum satisfies for its attendees and used the survey method for data collection.


Kuwait, diwaniya, political communication, uses and gratification, survey

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