Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| The Success of Spanish Series on Traditional Television and SVoD Platforms: From El Ministerio del Tiempo to La Casa de Papel

Karen Arriaza Ibarra, Celina Navarro


This article explores the changes of the Spanish television industry upon the arrival of the international Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) platforms and how Spain has become a noticeable player in the international market. To analyze the hybridization of the industry, a content analysis of the Spanish catalog of SVoD services has been conducted to evaluate the offerings of local series. To further exemplify the current complex relationships among traditional broadcasters, independent producers, and SVoD platforms, an analysis of the evolution of the series The Ministry of Time and Money Heist (two of the most internationally successful Spanish shows) in terms of production, distribution, and cultural trades, reveals the different types of agreements with SVoD players and the balance between the international and domestic markets. Results also indicate the importance of the Spanish geolinguistic market for the success of Spanish series even as the popularity of its shows has transcended the language borders.


television, series, Spain, SVoD, international, Netflix, TVE

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