Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Public Service Media: A Singular Case Study in Europe

Jessica Izquierdo-Castillo, Juan Carlos Miguel-de-Bustos


Technological convergence has forced television networks to reinvent themselves as multiplatform online distribution media, which may lead such networks to question the utility of the public media system and its financing models. At the same time, a global economic crisis caused budget cuts for public service broadcasters, forcing the closure of some of them. First, it was the Greek ERT in June 2013. The same year, in November, a regional Spanish public television was closed as well; this was also due to political decisions. This article presents a study of the reopening of this regional Spanish Public Service Media (PSM) in 2018. This is a singular case in Europe, as it was the first PSM that was conceived from the outset as a convergent media network. The results show many challenges related to political action, which reveal the need for an effective governance system that can provide PSM that are neutral and independent.


public service media, convergence, media ecosystem, public service broadcasting, public television

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