Computational Communication Science| Toward Open Computational Communication Science: A Practical Road Map for Reusable Data and Code

Wouter van Atteveldt, Joanna Strycharz, Damian Trilling, Kasper Welbers


Computational communication science (CCS) offers an opportunity to accelerate the scope and pace of discovery in communication research. This article argues that CCS will profit from adopting open science practices by fostering the reusability of data and code. We discuss the goals and challenges related to creating reusable data and code and offer practical guidance to individual researchers to achieve this. More specifically, we argue for integration of the research process into reusable workflows and recognition of tools and data as academic work. The challenges and road map are also critically discussed in terms of the additional burden they place on individual scholars, which culminates in a call to action for the field to support and incentivize the reusability of tools and data.



computational communication science, open science, reproducibility, reusability, workflow

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