East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Korean Webtoonist Yoon Tae Ho: History, Webtoon Industry, and Transmedia Storytelling (Feature)

Dal Yong Jin


At the Asian Transmedia Storytelling in the Age of Digital Media Conference held in Vancouver, Canada, June 8–9, 2018, webtoonist Yoon Tae Ho as a keynote speaker shared several interesting and important inside stories people would not otherwise hear easily. He also provided his experience with, ideas about, and vision for transmedia storytelling during in-depth interviews with me, the organizer of the conference. I divide this article into two major sections—Yoon’s keynote speech in the first part and the interview in the second part—to give readers engaging and interesting perspectives on webtoons and transmedia storytelling. I organized his talk into several major subcategories based on key dimensions. I expect that this kind of unusual documentation of this famous webtoonist will shed light on our discussions about Korean webtoons and their transmedia storytelling prospects


webtoon, manhwa, Yoon Tae Ho, transmedia, history

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