East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Snack Culture’s Dream of Big-Screen Culture: Korean Webtoons’ Transmedia Storytelling

Dal Yong Jin


The sociocultural reasons for the growth of webtoons as snack culture and snack culture’s influence in big-screen culture have received little scholarly attention. By employing media convergence supported by transmedia storytelling as a theoretical framework alongside historical and textual analyses, this article historicizes the emergence of snack culture. It divides the evolution of snack culture—in particular, webtoon culture—to big-screen culture into three periods according to the surrounding new media ecology. Then it examines the ways in which webtoons have become a resource for transmedia storytelling. Finally, it addresses the reasons why small snack culture becomes big-screen culture with the case of Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, which has transformed from a popular webtoon to a successful big-screen movie.


snack culture, webtoon, transmedia storytelling, big-screen culture, media convergence

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