Can Brainwave Entrainment Really

by adeliajames s (2017-01-11)

Lumonol Review 

I would not have been able to function in the world without those written reminders... a fact that makes me concerned for fibromyalgia sufferers who either don't realize that they have the syndrome, or don't understand that fibromyalgia brain fog is real. Cognitive difficulties can include confusion, memory lapses, inability to focus or concentrate, and word mix-ups... to name a few. Fibromyalgia brain fog is often mistaken for attention deficit syndrome and dyslexia. So you can see part of the problem... it's misdiagnosis of the condition!

What causes fibromyalgia brain fog may be anybody's guess, but a popular theory includes sleep deprivation and/or related depression and anxiety which are other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Other thoughts on the subject are oxygen deprivation to areas of the brain which can also cause the frequent headaches and migraines experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers...and nervous system disorders made worse by the severe chronic pain.

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