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by sasi sasi sasi sasi (2017-01-05)

Mend The Marriage

Now, as citizens can obtain free public marriage records from government institutions charged with this duty, an administrative fee is attached which is $12.00 for each certificate or search even if the search results prove to be futile. Once the information is found, there is a one week waiting time for the collection of this record. The record can also be accessed from the Circuit Court in which the marriage took place, but only if this is known of course.In order to activate this search, the full name of the groom and bride (maiden name) as well as time and place of the marriage must be given.There are three ways in which these records can be requested at the Virginia Marriage Records and that include by walk-in, mail and express delivery. The one with the fastest turnaround is the walk-in process which may produce results the same day. 


ISSN: 1932-8036