How to Get Your Blood Sugar Back to Normal

by adeliajames s (2017-01-04)

Smart Blood Sugar 

Elevated blood sugar results in a cascading effect within the body. Since your body knows that elevated blood sugar causes severe damage to organs, it tries to minimize the damage by taking defensive action. As sugar rises the small blood vessels start to narrow, reducing the flow of sugar getting to the organs. The higher the blood sugar, the more the blood vessels narrow. Unfortunately this impairs circulation, and reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen that get to the organs and nerves of the body, as well as their ability to carry away cellular waste. This begins to damage cells in the small nerves of the hands and feet (why you might have tingling, pain, or cold hands and feet). The kidneys and other organs begin to show some damage as well. As much as 40% of your Beta Cells can be destroyed in as little as two years with elevated blood sugar before you are deemed a Diabetic.

With less blood flow, wounds do not heal as well and infections may become an issue. The sugar also sticks to the proteins that are needed for construction of quality collagen, essential for the repair and building of cells.

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